Before I arrived in Florence last weekend, I had already penciled in the Gucci Museum. It opened last month to celebrate the luxury brands 90th anniversary, and I can safely say whether you like Gucci or not, if your in Florence, you should go.

I've never been a huge fan of the double G or the horse bit patterns, but the museum totally exceeded my expectation. The history was intriguing, the guide who adopted us (god knows why) was incredibly endearing and insightful, and the curation was intelligently elegant with panes of glasses beautifully dividing the show, and the old diamond pattern across the floor.

Each room has a different theme, showcasing everything from jewellery to luggage to sportswear, and to keep it fresh, they change the rooms every six months. From the photographs of the old factories that wind up the stairs, to the fist ever bag made, I would definitely recommend a visit, although ask for a guide because their level of knowledge is far deeper than you will get on your own.

Unfortunately photography is forbidden, but I found these photos on Trendland. 

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