Those avid UTBAT followers amongst you, may have noticed how much the Mule loves her bike, cycling and beautiful bikes in general.  I on the other hand, would be lying if I said that I mounted the familiar frame so frequently. It’s not because I don’t like cycling, it just doesn’t feature in my everyday life - yes I know what your thinking, I am an anomaly in our office. However, I have finally come across a bike that I would like to write about and the ironic thing is: it’s mounted on a wall. 'I feel good' is a new installation that can be found in the Erste Liebe coffee bar in Hamburg.

Installation and posters created by Niels Bruschke of Santiago Design, commissioned by Two Wheels Good.

If you are not going to Hamburg anytime soon, but like both coffee and bicycles, you could always visit Tapped & Packed in London.

Finally, if you have not read Mules latest cycling post, DOWNTOWN FROM BEHIND, you must.

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