I’ve spent quite a bit of time in New York over the past few weeks. Given I’m going to be living there in a few months, it was about time I got to know it a little better. And already, I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be amazing. Scary – but amazing.
Before the recent trips over, I’d heard that New Yorkers didn’t really cycle – given that I’m a little bit in love with my bicycle – the thought of not being able to use it to nip from one place to the next was the yin in my yang for the big move over. But boy, I had been misinformed! New York, in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, is teeming with two-wheeled beauties. Everywhere you look, you see a plethora of shiny (or not so shiny) frames and skinny rubber tyres against tarmac. Big smile. And Downtown from Behind pretty much perfectly sums up New York’s love for cycling. It’s the cyclist’s Sartorialist, bringing together a guided tour of NYC’s streets, fashion, and of course bikes. The website also provides the story behind each subject. The shots are definitely a step away from reality – idealistically and romantically shot, rather than candid ‘point and shoots’ (well I hope so anyway, where are their helmets!) Here are some of my favourites:

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