I never got a pony when I was a kid. Boo hoo. But really, that's probably for the best - ponies seem far too much like hard work. And probably not very practical when you live in Central London. So here cometh the perfect solution... 'Horsey' by Eungi Kim was one of the shortlisted design entries from more than 3000 participants in Design Boom's 2010 'Seoul Cycle Design Competition'. What can I say... every modern girl's dream? And even if not, imagining seeing someone riding it on my way to work puts a big smile on my face.
Despite its brilliantness, Horsey didn't win... here's the other shortlisted entries and the winning design:



If I’m honest, I have never been a fan of Bjork’s music because I find her voice irritating, however, I am interested in her, and her latest album concept, which true to form, showcases her creativity and her obsession with challenging convention.

The concept and title of the album is Biophilia (a hypothesis that suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems) so naturally, it made sense for her to explore more interactive music formats. To create this album Bjork collaborated with Scott Snibbe (artist and app mastermind) and M/M Paris, and together they developed a collection of iPhone apps, one app for each song.

Once the listener / user has downloaded the first app and listened to Cosmogony, they must navigate their way through the interactive 3D galaxy to find the next app which will enable them to listen to the next track. On first read this may sound a little crazy so below is an introductory film, narrated by none other than David Attenborough, which begins to explain Biophilia and how the album explores ideas of how nature, music and technology coming together.

Click here to watch the short intro video