Although it's useful to be able to read magazines online and on the iPad, the reading experience just doesn’t compare to flicking through a good old mag. In danger of loosing this experience, it’s refreshing to see that new magazines are still being launched, despite the demise of the print industry and advances in technology.

The Travel Almanac is a new high-end travel magazine I came across the other day. Instead of focusing on the hotel and recommending different locations, The Travel Almanac gets interesting contributors (artists / designers / directors) to share their personal experiences and point of view.  In the first issue, they have replaced glossy, sandy beaches and rustic villas with portraits of the contributors to focus on the “timeless aspect of traveling” and to encourage the reader to imagine.  It’s important to note that The Travel Almanac is definitely more sophisticated and creative than the average magazine, and I’m not sure if it will last the test of time, but I am looking forward to issue number 2, to see whether they can keep it fresh and intriguing. 

And here is what it looks like... and it's a cute A5 size.

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