So I've been noticing a bit more man-thigh of late. Less board-shorts and much more short-shorts. I was wondering whether this was a trend, or if I'm just noticing guys' thighs more. Then my flatmate's boyfriend walks into my living room with barely-there pants on (one might even call them hot-pants). The trend is confirmed. And asides from the mini catwalk show I've just witnessed, short-shorts are popping up in blogs (check out 'Dads in Short Shorts'—there's something mildly wrong and uncomfortable here but I'm still laughing) and there are also some interesting brands that are helping to resurrect the 1970's beach look.

I came across Break, a small surf brand in California—they're making limited edition 'short-shorts' in their hometown and are using vintage inspired prints that perfectly match the lack-of-fabric style. I also love the use of photography on their site to really bring home their brand (and product) message.

So... ladies, it's time to don those dark shades and look a little longer than you should on the beach this summer—with distaste, curiosity, or delight; whatever takes your fancy. And men, release your inner-exhibitionist; it's about time.

Finally, an impossible-to-resist song to finish off with...

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