A few of weeks ago, I went to see the reputable Central Saint Martins BA shows, and as usual, they were highly conceptual, creative, brilliant and occasionally bonkers. Out of the shows I saw, the most collectively impressive was Jewellery, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite pieces.  

Watch this space, these are the jewelers of the future.

Holly Barton 
Agata Kosel
Hee Young Kim
Caroline Esmeraldo
Sammie-Jo Coxon
Lauren Colover
Min Yoo


My third instalment of Pictures and Words. This time with a vintage / romantic feel - optimism-only here. Intended to make you feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.

Sourced from a variety of places: Anthony Burrill, Keep Calm Gallery, TCH, Put Your Heart Out, and the top left is my own.



So half of this blog is dedicated to beautful things. I've just come across Scotch & Soda, and I don't think I've ever seen a collection of so many beautiful things all condensed within the pages of one website. And although the clothes are just lovely - authentic, neutral, tailored pieces with considered detailing - it's the photography, models and styling that are keeping me up well beyond my bedtime.

I think it's the beguiling mix of dishevelled-ness / doe-eyed looks / sexiness / muted colours / high-contrast that I just love. I should probably throw beard-and-hair-scraped-back into that mix too...



A while back, we posted about the (amazing) Japanese 'Dream House' that had slides between floors. Now, with the rise of 'gaming' in the offline world as well as the online world, using the slide as a means to getting from one place to the next is something that we can all experience (if we're in the Netherlands at least). Rather than taking those slow, tedious stairs to catch the train, commuters in Overvecht can take a seat and SLIDE down to the platform! Maybe not ideal for all outfit choices but I'm sure it will put a smile on the faces of those who give it a go - after all, it's all about the 'journey', right?!
Images originally from PSFK (but modified a little bit here):


Although it's useful to be able to read magazines online and on the iPad, the reading experience just doesn’t compare to flicking through a good old mag. In danger of loosing this experience, it’s refreshing to see that new magazines are still being launched, despite the demise of the print industry and advances in technology.

The Travel Almanac is a new high-end travel magazine I came across the other day. Instead of focusing on the hotel and recommending different locations, The Travel Almanac gets interesting contributors (artists / designers / directors) to share their personal experiences and point of view.  In the first issue, they have replaced glossy, sandy beaches and rustic villas with portraits of the contributors to focus on the “timeless aspect of traveling” and to encourage the reader to imagine.  It’s important to note that The Travel Almanac is definitely more sophisticated and creative than the average magazine, and I’m not sure if it will last the test of time, but I am looking forward to issue number 2, to see whether they can keep it fresh and intriguing. 

And here is what it looks like... and it's a cute A5 size.



Everyone loves LEGO. And in Malaysia, they're showing everyone just how fun life in LEGO would be.
These ads, by Ogilvy & Mather, have been created using actual LEGO bricks... genius.



So I've been noticing a bit more man-thigh of late. Less board-shorts and much more short-shorts. I was wondering whether this was a trend, or if I'm just noticing guys' thighs more. Then my flatmate's boyfriend walks into my living room with barely-there pants on (one might even call them hot-pants). The trend is confirmed. And asides from the mini catwalk show I've just witnessed, short-shorts are popping up in blogs (check out 'Dads in Short Shorts'—there's something mildly wrong and uncomfortable here but I'm still laughing) and there are also some interesting brands that are helping to resurrect the 1970's beach look.

I came across Break, a small surf brand in California—they're making limited edition 'short-shorts' in their hometown and are using vintage inspired prints that perfectly match the lack-of-fabric style. I also love the use of photography on their site to really bring home their brand (and product) message.

So... ladies, it's time to don those dark shades and look a little longer than you should on the beach this summer—with distaste, curiosity, or delight; whatever takes your fancy. And men, release your inner-exhibitionist; it's about time.

Finally, an impossible-to-resist song to finish off with...



So it's 4th July today. It's also about 6 months until I pack up my things, say goodbye to a life in London for I don't know how long for, and say hello to a life in America. (New York to be precise). Some people (a lot of people) say that New York isn't really 'America', but either way, I'm feeling quite excited by the prospect of it being a special all American day today.
And I've also been meaning to post about Tom Cops: A photographer from England who has shot some b-e-a-u-t-iful pics of the states. Perfect timing for this post huh?!
Back to his work. Here is a selection of his pictures from America 2007 and 2010... I'm in love with all of them. Shot on medium format film, nostalgic, decrepit, sunny, stunning. They give me butterflies about the big move. He mixes the subject matter up by choosing some that are typically 'American' and what you'd expect, with others that are unusual and thought provoking, or very simple and completely stripped back.

Check out his portrait photography too.

Lastly, here's a vid of the amazing Band of Horses' General Specific. Tenuous link to 4th of July, but it's in the lyrics and that's enough for me...
"Knowing up here, there comes a fork in the road, pants have gotta go, we're on an island on the fourth of July, looks like the tide is going home."