We’re rekindling a romance with all things hand-crafted at the moment… a trend that’s been brimming for a while and we can’t get enough of, art, design, trinkets, ‘things’ generally, where that magical hand-crafted touch is clearly visible.

So let’s take a simple, often overlooked material: good old paper. ‘Paper’ in itself isn’t really 'beautiful', it just provides the space—the foundation on which to create something beautiful. Well, this isn’t always the case, and over the past few months I’ve come across several different examples of artists who are bringing ‘paper craft’ back to the fore.

These intricate and clever pieces all made from paper, and paper alone:

Jeff Nishinaka is a prolific 'paper artist' (is that really a term?) who creates these stunning scene-based masterpieces. I love the way Jeff describes the way he works with paper: “I began experimenting with different papers, finding ways to shape, bend and round edges on it. I wanted to manipulate paper in the least invasive way, to keep the integrity and feel of it. Paper to me is a living, breathing thing that has a life of its own.” (wow). 

Quentin Trollip spends hours painstakingly reviving the art of origami through the creation of these wonderful and charming animals. Quentin started diagramming his own designs back in 1997 and now has his own unique style of designing and folding, combining realism, complexity and aesthetics from a single uncut square of paper.

Finally, here are some examples of other 'origami inspired' designs....

Some info on my favourites:
1. Ndeur's 'Concept' paper shoes might be a little difficult to walk in, but they are pretty damn awesome. 
2. Swedish designer Clara Lindsten may have just found the answer for the supposedly 'sexually frustrated' who pick the labels of their beer bottles, winding up with a mass of paper shavings around them, as well as an unsightly bottle. Now they can create something rather pretty and also, maybe, relieve some of that tension (maybe).
3. Finally, I like the 'Neo' Gramophone by German design studio Kinkyform very very very much. A super modern twist on an iconic shape; plug your laptop or iPod in and away you go.

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