So a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of a new collaboration by Anthony Burrill and Alain De Button. This simple, yet thought-provoking poster-board is double-sided and has been created to challenge our everyday classifications of concepts and knowledge. Alternatively, you can used it as a form of encouragement to help you start thinking a little more positively, whichever side you’re looking at (well that’s my interpretation. I’m an optimist. Obviously).

Anthony Burril is probably best known for his straight-talking and iconic typographic prints, which have become “mantras for the design community’” (except for James Hurst… sorry Anthony).

But it’s great to see him collaborate with somebody like Alain de Botton from The School of Life—it seems they are getting some messages out there which run a little deeper.  I’ve been to one talk at The School of Life (all about the meaning of ‘cool', ahem). But it’s an interesting and very accessible entry-point for understanding and thinking intelligently about everyday questions in philosophy, literature and visual arts, in a way that will “tickle, exercise and expand your mind” (tickle = good word).

It’s also worth mentioning that the collaboration between Anthony and Alain has been created and showcased as part of a new website “GraphicDesign&”… it’s looking rather sparse at the moment but what its ‘coming soon’ content seems to suggest is quite exciting. Combing considered creativity and design, with various kinds of serious and abstract modes of thought, can only (hopefully) result in something pretty neat. Watch this space!

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