Contrary to its definition, prohibition doesn't have to be miserable. Last Saturday night, four friends and I went back in time to a 1920's Prohibition Party. Dressed up to the nines in flapper frocks and feathers, we drank Great Gatsby’s out of teacups, watched a rather tame burlesque show, gambled, and danced (flapper style) to an old jazz band.

In a word (or three) it was fun, fun, fun. The effort that individuals put into their threads was incredible; there were cigarette holders; braces and mustaches galore. 

Like prohibition culture itself, these parties are popping up in various sizes, from larger community style shindigs to more intimate drinking dens like Bourne and Hollingsworth. If it sounds like your kind of thing, I highly recommend you getting yourself down to the next one, for some much needed prohibition fun.

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