Having spent the past couple of months following the Fall collections and sourcing Summer staples, I have been looking at models, models and more models, and have come to the conclusion that Freja is one in a million. What is it about her that I, and others (I’m not alone here) love?  Even the new girls on the block (catwalk block not Jenny’s block) like Caroline Brasch Nielsen and Bambi Northwood-Blyth—who have accumulated some air miles this season—dont compare, although it has to be said that she definitely does ‘bad’ better than she does ‘good’.

Maybe it’s her effortless style, her androgynous elegance, the fact she looks better without make up than with it; or possibly it’s her personality and charm, or maybe it's simply that her name is five letters long. What ever it is, she’s amazing… long model (live) the Freja!

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