Advertising has become more than just billboards, commercials and web banners. Brands are increasingly using technology based marketing techniques like crowdsourcing and augmented reality (have a look at Lynx’s Angel Ambush at London Victoria) to advertise.  This is all well and good, but considering the Western worlds ‘information overload’, it’s nice to see something simpler.

These three recent releases, are nice and simple for one reason or another. 

1. Tropicana’s illuminating orange billboard in Paris is genius. Simple and smart. They pinned over 2,000 oranges onto a wall of zinc and copper spikes, which lights up and says ‘Energie Naturelle’. Basically — for those who never got science like moi — the citric acid in the oranges reacts with the metal and creates an electric current, lighting the signage.

2. KFC have finally created an ad that speaks to people beyond slobs who like eating from a big bucket. This ad is current, summery and engaging; miles ahead of all their previous one dimensional ads.

3. Levis has released this patchwork stop-frame animation to communicate their new ‘Waterless’ jeans. Cute although a little too ‘green’ aesthetically.

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