Walking into The Last Tuesday Society, you’d be forgiven for at first thinking you were walking into a normal little bric-a-brac antiques shop, although pretty quickly it’s quite clear that what you’re surrounded by is a little (a lot) more peculiar than that. It’s a taxidermist’s haven, a place for those with a penchant for discovering and collecting the down-right bizarre (think pig fetuses, stuffed antelopes and eyeballs in jars).

But despite this initial sensory overload, our reason for being there was for the Hendrick’s life drawing session. We spent two hours drawing two different models, and trying out several different techniques. All in all, it was an enjoyable little evening… although given that The Last Tuesday Society describe their events as “a combination of the cerebral and the carnival”, you’d expect the life drawing to veer a little further away from a bog-standard life-drawing class than it did.

We did like how Hendrick’s had got involved though. Very clever branding, pitched perfectly for an ‘anti-brand’ Hackney audience—there was no ‘overt’ brand-slapping, just some quite beautifully designed Hedrick’s cups and saucers, used to serve Hendrick’s gin and tonic (with a slice of cucumber... amazing!).

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