Having been diagnosed ‘partially blind’; I recently embarked on a 'journey' to find the perfect pair of specs. Like any pursuit for the perfect pair, it proved to be a fruitful but long and thorough search.

After trying on hundreds, I ended up buying a pair of Retro Super Future frames from Liberty, and getting my prescription lenses elsewhere.  Along with the glasses and a couple of new nicknames, I have also picked up some ‘golden rules’ from the glasses master at The Eye Company, Wardour Street.  His rules for 'how to spot specs that suit’, are so spot-on that he taught my friend, a glasses wearing veteran, more in 10 minutes than he had learnt in 20 years. So here are the rules and they apply to sunnies too:

1. Try hundreds on; the more you try on the easier it is to identify what suits you.
2. The bridge is the first checkpoint when it comes to fit.  There shouldn’t be any gaps between your nose and the bridge.
3. The shape of the frames should counteract your face shape i.e. if you have a more rounded face, go for more square frames and vice versa.
4. Find a frame that compliments the shape of your eyebrows.
5. Be warned, big frames that encroach down your cheeks can make your jaw look long and droopy. No one wants to be droopy.
6. Make sure the glasses aren’t too wide; your eyes should sit in the middle of the frames. If they are too wide, your eyes will look too close together - never a good look.

Here are some of the cute 'Italian Made' Retro Super Future frames, and my chosen Super specs. 


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