London Fields’ Broadway Market is packed full of delicious little stalls from second hand guitars to beautiful books to cakes and crepes. But on a Saturday it’s also packed full of people, which detracts from the stalls somewhat. So it was exciting to see another nearby market open its gates this Saturday. Welcome the Designers Makers Market, a platform and space for new creatives to showcase all things designed, made, printed, illustrated and crafted—all 100% handmade and original.

I loved the retro screen prints by James Brown (I’m going back next Saturday to get me one of those ‘you & me’ prints!) and Mr. Wingate’s cushions (the Eames chair repeat is now proudly gracing the sofa in my living room).

The market is actually quite difficult to find—it isn’t one you would stumble across if you spilled out of the sardine tin that is Broadway. Although I’m sure as word spreads, Designers Makers will start to fill out. So get there quick, whilst you can still peruse its loveliness in your own time.

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