Last night, we (the Magpie and the Mule) trundled down the road to Dave White’s Americana private view at The Coningsby Gallery. Much busier than our last visit to the gallery, White’s distinctive and pop-art-esque creations were neatly curated within the intimate space. His expressive and iconic paintings of cowboys, Indians and animals were full of energy and captured the bloodshed and tension found on the Western Frontier. Pinpointing a favourite was easy; it had to be the opening piece ‘Sure Shot.’ However, our Mule was also taken by a particular Indian print, so she bought the 14th edition (14 is double lucky).

The show even featured a fellow four-legged animal and feathered friend—which I have to admit—upset us slightly, because in less than a year, this blog will become transatlantic, as the Mule will be leaving the Magpie for NYC. Anyway; overall it was an enjoyable, vibrant show. It would have been nice to have seen a couple of alternative interpretations of ‘Americana’, but what was there was fresh and arresting.

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