Calling all Grandfathers… lock away your old school shaving kits, cravats and Brylcreem, there is a new wave of gentlemen in town. In major cities across the Western world we are witnessing the revival of the gentleMAN; a refined, dandy chap who is merging his youth with grandfatherly elegance and timeless male values.

Influenced by Madmen or not, these guys are embracing a more traditional, sartorial style of dress, ditching their Braun’s for a masculine beard or a trip to a traditional barbershop.

Images right to left: Style images from The Sartorialist | Gum, Contemporary Barbershop New York | Barber & Brooks, Stockholm

Brands and retailers are already all over this trend. Murdock’s recently opened its second of three barbershops in Liberty and Ted Baker has opened ‘Ted’s Grooming Rooms’. Old Spice and French Connection are also on board, waving goodbye to the metrosexual male of the last decade and celebrating the real men of today.

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