I’m really interested in where we are heading with music experiences. MP3s, MP4s, pod-casts, free-downloads, YouTube and many other digital music touchpoints means the CD has been on its way out for some time. But vinyl sales are on the rise… people can’t get enough of them. Why? To me, it seems to be for two reasons: Firstly, DJs and music-makers know that by making their album in vinyl, they’re still pretty special (anyone can make a MP3, no?). Secondly, like it or not, we are living in a world (well, us Londoners are) where we drool at the sight of anything that reminds us of a time where things were simpler, things that are old-school and low-fi. There’s nothing quite like a playing a vinyl record is there? And how can we forget about what turns a musical experience into a beautiful thing? Album covers—and there’s no better way to give them the pride of place that the best deserve, than on a vinyl sleeve. So in ode to that, here are some of my favourite album covers: some old, some new, some big, some small.

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