Male facial hair has had some serious digital 'airtime' since we set up Iusedtobeatomboy, and this month it's on the agenda again.

If we use the rule: two's a coincidence, three's a trend, moustaches are a must right now, and not only because it's Movember. Check out the moustache feature in the December issue of British Vogue, along with some of the moustache pieces we've come across including my own discoloured tash necklace by Gogo Philip. 



Before I arrived in Florence last weekend, I had already penciled in the Gucci Museum. It opened last month to celebrate the luxury brands 90th anniversary, and I can safely say whether you like Gucci or not, if your in Florence, you should go.

I've never been a huge fan of the double G or the horse bit patterns, but the museum totally exceeded my expectation. The history was intriguing, the guide who adopted us (god knows why) was incredibly endearing and insightful, and the curation was intelligently elegant with panes of glasses beautifully dividing the show, and the old diamond pattern across the floor.

Each room has a different theme, showcasing everything from jewellery to luggage to sportswear, and to keep it fresh, they change the rooms every six months. From the photographs of the old factories that wind up the stairs, to the fist ever bag made, I would definitely recommend a visit, although ask for a guide because their level of knowledge is far deeper than you will get on your own.

Unfortunately photography is forbidden, but I found these photos on Trendland. 



It's got to that stage in life, where certain friends are choosing to buy saucepans and sofas, over the latest stacked heel shoe. Personally, I'd rather spend my money on the shoes; however, Maison Martin Margiela's home ware and furnishings could be my exception.

The collection, which has gradually grown piece by piece since 1998, is a small assortment of furniture and beautiful objects, which like it's clothing, are stripped back, witty and intriguing.

My favorite objects are the ostrich egg doorstop, the trompe l’oeil door and the magnifying glass(es). So what do I go for, the ostrich egg or the shoes?



Another collection of pictures of words. Wistful meanderings and straight-to-the-point broadcasts.

'Get lost' and 'keep it simple': Douglas Wilson
'Twinkle twinkle: Hayley & Lucas (Keep Calm)
'If music': Pomme Chan



From my experience, girl crushes don’t come around that often but when they do they are huge! Lana Del Rey, is our new girl crush.  Musically, stylistically, attitudinally we LOVE her, and reckon male or female, you will too. Scroll down to see this New York based beauty doing her thing.



Those avid UTBAT followers amongst you, may have noticed how much the Mule loves her bike, cycling and beautiful bikes in general.  I on the other hand, would be lying if I said that I mounted the familiar frame so frequently. It’s not because I don’t like cycling, it just doesn’t feature in my everyday life - yes I know what your thinking, I am an anomaly in our office. However, I have finally come across a bike that I would like to write about and the ironic thing is: it’s mounted on a wall. 'I feel good' is a new installation that can be found in the Erste Liebe coffee bar in Hamburg.

Installation and posters created by Niels Bruschke of Santiago Design, commissioned by Two Wheels Good.

If you are not going to Hamburg anytime soon, but like both coffee and bicycles, you could always visit Tapped & Packed in London.

Finally, if you have not read Mules latest cycling post, DOWNTOWN FROM BEHIND, you must.



A beautiful, mesmerising film by SHOWstudio. Fabric and movement and colours very much blur the line between fashion and fine art. Could watch it again and again.
Shot by the legendary Nick Knight (much less edgy that his usual work) and styled by Alister Mackie.

Here’s what they say on the SHOWstudio website: “Colliding contemporary dance, abstract blooms and fashion, Nick Knight and Alister Mackie transformed contemporary fashion into onolithic modern flowers for AnOther magazine's Spring/Summer 2011 issue. Alongside Knight's editorial, a unique fashion film created by Tell No One brings the incredible fashion and inspirations behind the shoot to life.”

Watch the film here, or flick through some screen-grabs from the film below.



Earlier in September, I had the pleasure of going to the launch and show of Fearne Cotton's new SS12 collection for Very, as part of LFW. The art direction for the show resulted in the models posing a look that was part ethereal, part futuristic. Big, crimped and backcombed hair, bright lipstick and round sunnies juxtaposed the delicate outlines of the models themselves.

The clothes were also lovely; a mix of minimal floaty numbers and flirty summer evening dresses. Fearne finished the show with a touching, humble speech… having known her since the days when we crimped our hair like the models in the show (the first time around it was popular), I felt very proud. So all in all the show, and the clothes to boot, were as lovely as Fearne is.



Fed up with seeing the same old logos on everyman's left breast? GOODS in Copenhagen, are re-branding their ‘goods’, to offer men more personalised items of clothing. With the help of their designer Anders Arhoj, they have designed new coats of arms for every brand that they sell, to replace the familiar logos.  

The new coats of arms are in no way random; they capture what the brand means from the shops perspective, and have been designed in the shops signature style. The more I think about it, the more I like, and the brands surprisingly like it too. I think they should do one for I used to be a tomboy...



I’ve spent quite a bit of time in New York over the past few weeks. Given I’m going to be living there in a few months, it was about time I got to know it a little better. And already, I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be amazing. Scary – but amazing.
Before the recent trips over, I’d heard that New Yorkers didn’t really cycle – given that I’m a little bit in love with my bicycle – the thought of not being able to use it to nip from one place to the next was the yin in my yang for the big move over. But boy, I had been misinformed! New York, in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, is teeming with two-wheeled beauties. Everywhere you look, you see a plethora of shiny (or not so shiny) frames and skinny rubber tyres against tarmac. Big smile. And Downtown from Behind pretty much perfectly sums up New York’s love for cycling. It’s the cyclist’s Sartorialist, bringing together a guided tour of NYC’s streets, fashion, and of course bikes. The website also provides the story behind each subject. The shots are definitely a step away from reality – idealistically and romantically shot, rather than candid ‘point and shoots’ (well I hope so anyway, where are their helmets!) Here are some of my favourites:



Hi there! So we’ve been offline for a little while – mainly due to hectic schedules, lots of travelling and bit of illness thrown in for good measure. However, the Magpie and the Mule are now BACK – and wanted to share a little pocket of loveliness spotted recently in Berlin.

Right in the centre of the city, you can leave the clothes you no longer what and swap them with something which is far more up your street. There’s also a space to add notes and stories about the things you’ve left behind, and to say thank you for the things you’ve taken. It’s unbranded (but a great platform for the right brand to leverage) and encourages trust and honesty amongst people in a community. Sweet!



I never got a pony when I was a kid. Boo hoo. But really, that's probably for the best - ponies seem far too much like hard work. And probably not very practical when you live in Central London. So here cometh the perfect solution... 'Horsey' by Eungi Kim was one of the shortlisted design entries from more than 3000 participants in Design Boom's 2010 'Seoul Cycle Design Competition'. What can I say... every modern girl's dream? And even if not, imagining seeing someone riding it on my way to work puts a big smile on my face.
Despite its brilliantness, Horsey didn't win... here's the other shortlisted entries and the winning design:



If I’m honest, I have never been a fan of Bjork’s music because I find her voice irritating, however, I am interested in her, and her latest album concept, which true to form, showcases her creativity and her obsession with challenging convention.

The concept and title of the album is Biophilia (a hypothesis that suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems) so naturally, it made sense for her to explore more interactive music formats. To create this album Bjork collaborated with Scott Snibbe (artist and app mastermind) and M/M Paris, and together they developed a collection of iPhone apps, one app for each song.

Once the listener / user has downloaded the first app and listened to Cosmogony, they must navigate their way through the interactive 3D galaxy to find the next app which will enable them to listen to the next track. On first read this may sound a little crazy so below is an introductory film, narrated by none other than David Attenborough, which begins to explain Biophilia and how the album explores ideas of how nature, music and technology coming together.

Click here to watch the short intro video



A few of weeks ago, I went to see the reputable Central Saint Martins BA shows, and as usual, they were highly conceptual, creative, brilliant and occasionally bonkers. Out of the shows I saw, the most collectively impressive was Jewellery, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite pieces.  

Watch this space, these are the jewelers of the future.

Holly Barton 
Agata Kosel
Hee Young Kim
Caroline Esmeraldo
Sammie-Jo Coxon
Lauren Colover
Min Yoo


My third instalment of Pictures and Words. This time with a vintage / romantic feel - optimism-only here. Intended to make you feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.

Sourced from a variety of places: Anthony Burrill, Keep Calm Gallery, TCH, Put Your Heart Out, and the top left is my own.